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Forum Index » JTAPI » providerOutOfService() Vs providerShutDown() events   XML
Author Message

Joined: 18/04/2011 23:19:21
Messages: 68


We are using ProviderListenerAdapter to get provider events like -

When JTAPI application receives only providerOutOfService not providerShutDown & providerOutOfService both?

We have tested following 3 scenarios and getting both providerShutDown & providerOutOfService events -
-Stop AES TSAPI Service
- Disconnected AES Server from network
- restarted AES Server

As per my study we only need to restart monitoring on extensions when we receive providerInService after providerShutDown.

If JTAPI application only receives providerOutOfService and again providerInService then we don't need to restart monitoring on extensions.

Can you please confirm?

Thanks & Regards,

Joined: 30/11/2009 05:00:18
Messages: 1771

As best I can see:
o providerOutOfService means the CTI link between AE Services and Communication Manager has gone down. You will need to re-add your listeners after this link comes back up and you receive providerInService event.
o providerShutDown means the connection between the application and AE Services has gone down. The application will need to create a new provider and start monitors again.

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