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Good Morning All, I am integrating client's API by identifying the AES events to start of a call to IVR, IVR transfer the call to agent, agent conference the call to supervisor and one by one disconnects. For these disconnects / hangup the application is getting 117 for the object.getID(). So, it has become hard to identify who hangup and who got disconnected. Is there a way to distinguish the hangup & disconnect?

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As per my understanding hang-up is general telephony terms used i.e. user puts receiver.

In technical terms, you will get connectionDisconnected event and terminalConnectionDropped event .
Connection is related to Address and Terminal Connection is related to Terminal.

To get Address i.e. extension, you can get from event object which application is receiving with the event. From terminalConnectionDropped(CallControlTerminalConnectionEvent event) to get address/extension you can try event.getTerminalConnection().getConnection().getAddress().getName().

Hope this will help you, rest all are logic as per your requirement.

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