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We are building an agent based (Progressive) outbound campaign in POM with agent-first strategy. In order to invoke screen-pop, we need to pass UUI in a pre-defined format to the agent and want to check on how can we send UUI data to agent without an IVR application?

Please find attached the snippet of the contact strategy which we are using.

Kindly help us here!
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I don't know that you need UUI data passed to the Agent. The POM Agent API (for whatever Agent Desktop you are using) will be passing the Contact attributes to the Desktop application and then you can use the Agent Desktop functionality to display those POM contact Attributes (Name, Phone, whatever) to the Agent.
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Thanks Mike for the response!

Yes Mike. I'm able to see the contact attributes in the Agent Desktop. But, I would like to know is there any way to pass UUI to the agent. Actually, we have an inbound application which pass UUI data to the agent to invoke screen-pop. We wanted to invoke the same screen-pop for agent based outbound campaigns also. So, if we could pass the UUI for outbound calls also, we can invoke the screen-pop similar to inbound calls.
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Your stated goal is to give your agents the "same" screen pop for outbound calls (POM calls) as for inbound calls (probably IVR collects data, puts into UUI, agent desktop uses UUI to "pop" a screen). These are obviously two very different scenarios even though you want your agent experience to be similar (or the same). The key is going to be your agent desktop program.

I don't know what POM compatible desktop you are using, but the key to reaching your goal lies within the capabilities of your desktop. For the inbound case, some identifying info is being associated with the call by being placed in UUI. The agent desktop is using that info in some fashion to pop a relevant screen for this particular caller. The UUI might have been the calling phone number (ANI) or a customer account number, etc. On inbound, you usually have to work harder to find the relevant info for an appropriate screen pop.

For outbound calls, you already have significant information about the called party as contact attributes. Although getting from UUI info to a screen pop isn't the same activity as getting from contact record attribute values to a screen pop, that's what's required to satisfy your goal.

Depending on your desktop, it will hopefully be able to be used for inbound as well as outbound calls. It will need to be "scripted" to approximate the agent screen appearance on POM outbound calls as it would provide to an agent using UUI for inbound calls.

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