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Forum Index » Avaya Client SDK - General » IOS | problem when adding participant conference.   XML
Author Message

Joined: 18/05/2021 21:13:26
Messages: 1

Hii all,

I have a problem when adding participant conference on IOS, the first time when using addParticipant with the correct user address, the error code [309] "The user could not be found" appears and the second when using addParticipantFromCall the error code appears [200] "An invalid parameter was specified". What should I do when I get an error message like that or can anyone provide an example regarding it ?



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Joined: 23/09/2019 00:26:26
Messages: 74


It looks like errors are generated from the server.
Can you please share the logs so that we can check them in detail? Please share the details like which user you are logged in with, which user you are trying to add etc along with the logs.

Avaya DevConnect Team

Joined: 29/09/2017 01:56:49
Messages: 39


I use addParticipant to add user conference, the user i'm trying to add is "" then the log that i get when using that action

2021-08-12 10:30:50.958744+0700 MCC-KORLANTAS[1329:14326] MASUK SINI
2021-08-12 10:30:50.958858+0700 MCC-KORLANTAS[1329:14723] ~CSIPRequest[138]: NOTIFY, Transaction Context = 0x0
2021-08-12 10:30:50.959549+0700 MCC-KORLANTAS[1329:14723] ~CSIPMessage[138]
2021-08-12 10:30:50.959945+0700 MCC-KORLANTAS[1329:14723] ~CSIPRequest[134]: REFER, Transaction Context = 0x0
2021-08-12 10:30:50.960042+0700 MCC-KORLANTAS[1329:14326] -[ConferenceController addPeserta:]_block_invoke ATTENTION: Error code [309] - The user could not be found.
2021-08-12 10:30:50.960183+0700 MCC-KORLANTAS[1329:14723] ~CSIPMessage[134]
2021-08-12 10:30:51.091782+0700 MCC-KORLANTAS[1329:14682] SCPAPI: AUDIO 1 0;128798720: Channel::OnIncomingCSRCChanged(id=65536, nCSRCs=[])
2021-08-12 10:30:51.232624+0700 MCC-KORLANTAS[1329:14723] BwMgr_Timer CallRate[ 63|-2147482737], People[ 0| 512], Content[ 0| 400], Rsrv[ 0], Pend[ 0], Cong[_]MCppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppcccccccccccccccccccccccc
( UpdateEffectiveMinimumDelay: Updated effective min delay: 0


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Joined: 23/09/2019 00:26:26
Messages: 74


Sorry, but with these logs, it is difficult to provide any inputs.

Can you please enable debug logging and share the logs?

Error code 309 gets reported when the called party address is not known to the server. Please check if the user 62215549 is known to the server.

Avaya DevConnect Team
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