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Currently using ACCS (AvayaCC_CCMA_7. and Orchestration Designer (Build ID: 10.0.4038)

I am trying to set up a survey application and tie the responses up to a call.

So I have an incoming call route that delivers a call to CDN (application called Test), which get answered by an Agent.

The agent when they are finished their call will transfer the call to another application (survey), which asks the caller for their responses to some questions and stores the answers in a database. This bit works.

The trouble I am having is that the CALLID changes between the call to Test and the transferred call to Survey.

I can see in the Accs Database that the Caller Id and Agent ID are stored in the record for the first call.

The transferred call doesn't have this information.

How do I store the CALLID from the first call in my Database table or is there some other method of tying the record up with the Caller / Agent.

I have tried Assigning the CALLID in the first call to a call variable, and then reading that variable in the transferred call, but it doesn't seem to work.
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