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Forum Index » Avaya Orchestration Designer » Using AOD 8.0 to develop/support old projects   XML
Author Message

Joined: 11/07/2016 10:49:24
Messages: 197

Hello guys!

I would like to ask an old question which follow me for a quite long time.

We have a lot of different IVR applications which were developed and delivered with different runtime versions.

All the time I open a new AOD (or load an old project to a new version of OD) it tries to update a project's runtime.

Of cause we can skip it but not all developers are good and know what is runtime and is it necessary to update the project. That is why we keep the same AOD versions which were used to develop and deliver an IVR application for each customer.

I really want to do development in only one AOD.
I would like to use AOD 8.x but all the time it tries to update my projects.

Can you please tell me how to correctly use AOD 8.x to avoid problems with runtime upgrade? And will it be correct to use AOD 8.x to work with old projects?

Thanks in advance!

Joined: 06/11/2013 14:29:24
Messages: 3878

First, you are expected to "click ok" to finish the upgrade when you load or import old projects into the newer OD environment. The upgrade basically synchs up any code changes and the runtime jar in WEB-INF/lib to work with the common runtime jars on the app server (i.e Tomcat/lib). Now, you seem to say you don't want to upgrade. If you don't, you should not modify old projects in the new environment. There is no point doing that. You can have multiple versions of OD running on your desktop. Just keep each in separate folder. However, on deployment side, the newer common runtime will be compatible with older projects, meaning you can have Tomcat running 8.0 and deployment 7.x project on the same app server.

Joined: 11/07/2016 10:49:24
Messages: 197

Hi WilsonYu,

Thanks for a clear explanation.

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