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Forum Index » Proactive Outreach Manager » Pom multiple calls per one record   XML
Author Message

Joined: 12/10/2012 03:33:53
Messages: 5


When I set up campaign as Preview, there is one call per calling list record ( Nailer calls both agent and customer), however when I set up campaign as predictive ( either cruise control or expert calling ratio ), there are two calls for every outbound record, one call from Nailer, and one call from PomDriverApp.
Anyone encountered this problem before? How this can be solved ?


Joined: 09/03/2017 08:09:24
Messages: 11

I've never actually looked at which processes make which calls, but your observation doesn't surprise me. POM agent-based campaigns always involve a conference between two call legs - one from the MPP to the agent (the "nail-up" connection) and one from the MPP to the contact's phone number (the "called party" connection). When the campaign is Preview, the single call to the contact will originate from the same MPP that is holding up the agent's nail-up connection. The preview call to the contact will be initiated by the agent (or on the agent's behalf via a timer). Although PomDriver could place that call, I can see that the Avaya developers might have chosen to have Nailer place that call. That's an implementation, and not an architectural, detail.

When the campaign is Progressive or Predictive (regardless of the algorithm), Nailer handles the calls to agents but PomDriver handles all of the contact attempts. Further, it isn't restricted to just placing calls from a specific MPP and in fact it doesn't know when a call is launched whether it will be connected to an agent or not nor which agent that might be. The fact that a POM with multiple MPPs is likely to have many (most?) of the called party connections on a different MPP from the nail-up connection that it will be conferenced with is the reason that a 4th "extra" Experience Portal port is provided with each Predictive agent license (1 for nail-up, 2 for outbound calls, and 1 for "transfer"). Once AMD determines the live connect is a person and once an agent is allocated, a SIP transfer from the MPP originating the called party connection to the MPP with the agent nail-up connection occurs.

Based on that description of fundamental POM dialing, what you describe is "expected behavior." What is your "problem?" Is this confusing something you thought you should see differently? In some reporting? If my explanation of how POM works doesn't answer your question, please provide a better description of the "problem" this fundamental behavior is giving you.

GLEN A. TAYLOR | Solutions Architect
Interactive Northwest, Inc.

Joined: 12/10/2012 03:33:53
Messages: 5

Hello Glen,

Thank you for your answer, the problem is that the customer is receiving two calls for every record :

Suppose we have infinite job, the scenario is as below :

1. Infinite job is running, there are no records to be called
2. A single record with single phoneNo is added to infinite job/calling list
3. POM calls the customer phone no ( using PomDriverApp )
3. The customer answers the call
4. POM makes another call to the the same phone number, this time with Nailer application

This ends up with customer having two calls at the same time, one answered and one ringinh
The expected behaviour would be that POM makes a call, classifies if it is real voice and then transfers this to the agent ( "nails" agent )

Please find attached screeshot, where you can observe, that POM makes two oubound calls, to the customer at the same time ( customer no starts with 06 ...)

Thank you !
[Thumb - pom_double_call.png]
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Joined: 09/03/2017 08:09:24
Messages: 11

Thanks for the clarification of the behavior. As you expected this is NOT what POM should be doing. We have not directly seen this with any of our customers, but a quick search of the Avaya support notes turned up the following that sounds similar:

POM Agent Receives 2 Nailup Calls

Doc ID: SOLN352095;
Version: 3.0

Status: Published;
Published date: 12 Jun 2020;
Updated: 12 Jun 2020

Author: Donna Briggs


AEP 7.2.x POM #.x

Issue with POM placing a second call to an agent
New installation in lab, initial testing of the POM OOTB campaign with the Syntelate desktop

Problem Clarification

Second nailup call to agent within seconds of first nailup call

If you have support with Avaya, I'd suggest opening a ticket and getting Avaya support involved. If you find and read the rest of this support note, you'd find that the problem had to do with a missing EP root certificate:

There was no EP root certificate present in the application trusted store. According to POM documentation, the EP root certificate must be imported into the application server trusted store, which is then the CA certificate for both EPM and MPP. In this case, both MPP and EPM certificates are signed by customer CA. The application server cannot trust the MPP because neither the EP root certificate or the customer CA is present in its trusted store, only the EPM server certicate is there.

I'm not certain that your issue is identical since the duplicated call is coming from Nailer when the only call to the contact should come from PomDriver. That said, there may be another support note that is directly your issue. Regardless, I think a ticket should be opened with Avaya to figure out the cause and fix it.

Good Luck!

GLEN A. TAYLOR | Solutions Architect
Interactive Northwest, Inc.

Joined: 12/10/2012 03:33:53
Messages: 5


I think, that the case, you mention, is a little bit different. We do not have two nailup calls, with have two calls to the same customer. Anyway, the epm certificate is already imported in Application Server trust store, so I guess this must be something different.

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