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Forum Index » Proactive Outreach Manager » POM 4 Rest Services Error   XML
Author Message

Joined: 16/05/2017 14:52:21
Messages: 3

We recently upgraded to AEP 8.0 and POM 4. We're attempting to use the POM rest service to dynamically insert contacts. When we attempt to use the service we are getting the following:

<h1>HTTP Status 401 - Unauthorized</h1>
<hr class="line" />
<p><b>Type</b>Status Report</p>
>p<b>Description</b> The request has not been applied because it lacks valid authentication credentials for the target resource.</p>
<hr class="line" />
<h3>Apaache Tomcat/8.5.69</h3>

We are using a local user account setup on AEP with rights to all roles. We previously used SOAP for this in POM 3.1.X. That has been removed from POM 4. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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 Filesize 43 Kbytes
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Joined: 14/01/2015 17:44:25
Messages: 55

I'd verify that the username and password are correct (I think AEP8 requires some different password requirements so that may have changed).
I use Postman and have SSL certificate verification set to OFF, otherwise you'll want to exchange certs.
Here is some info from the POM Developers Guide

POM V4 Versioning and Supported Settings:
2. Standard URL: Must be “https” nd use version v4 for 4.0.1 release https://<EP_Server_IP>/VP_POM_Service/v4/<resource-names>
Type: Basic Auth
Username: admin or org users (EP user having role to access the resource and specific operation)
Password: xxxxxx
Content-Type: application/json
X -Requested-With: RESTWeb (or rest)

Joined: 16/05/2017 14:52:21
Messages: 3

Thanks for the information, we created a new user, now it is returning a 403 error when we try to pull the contact lists back using https://<EP Server IP>/VP_POM_Service/v4/contactlists with our server IP.

Joined: 16/05/2017 14:52:21
Messages: 3

We were able to resolve this, it was an issue with the header in the server X -Requested-With: RESTWeb (or rest). Thanks for the help.
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