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Hi Team,

I'm trying to find the POM completion code for the below scenario and didn't find any reference in the POM documentation. FYI, the campaign is agent based progressive campaign and it has setup to leave a voice message when customer didn't pick up the call.

Can you help me with the queries.

1. Voice mail box is full :

Since the customer VM box is full and campaign would not have left a voice message, I'm trying to find a different completion code apart from "Answer Machine". So that I can handle these customers differently in strategy (retry after sometime/report VM full etc).

2. Phone number is disconnected :

If the customer phone number is disconnected/no longer in service, I'm trying to find a completion code to consume/generate report. When we directly dial the disconnected phone number, we are getting the message like "call can't be completed as dialed" and "the phone number has been disconnected".

3. Contact Strategy :

What is the significance of min and max agent configuration in Pacing Parameters under Call node in Contact strategy.

The documentation says the below description for Min and Max agent.

Min Agents : Use to specify the minimum number of agents required for a task. You can specify any number between 0 and 9999.

Max Agents : Use to specify the maximum number of agents required for a task. You can specify any number between 1 and 9999.

Is it the minimum and maximum number of agents required to handle a single contact or to handle the complete campaign?

Kindly help me with the above queries.
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Looks like you are making progress developing your campaigns.

Here are my best answers to your questions:

1. Voice mail box full -- this is NOT a condition that POM can detect. Once the EP call classification has recognized that the call was answered by an answering device, it stops. Therefore there is no reliable method to determine "mail box full." One indication could be that the answering device hung up before the voice message was completely played out. That would require that the VoiceXML application delivering the answering machine message could detect far end disconnect and set a completion code to indicate this. For example, you could look at our INI OutboundStudio product on the DevConnect Marketplace. However, this is at best an indication. If the call classification was wrong and a person answered then simply hung up, that would trigger this behavior. Alternatively, if the answering device played a "Mail box full" message but waited for POM to hang up, you wouldn't get an indication different from having successfully left the message. The only way to reliably determine this condition is to have a person listening and doing the classification. If your campaign was preview, your agents would have to listen to this and could then set an appropriate completion code.

2. Phone number disconnected -- this is one of a number of conditions that are flagged under the Special Information Tone (SIT) category. POM's call classification should flag when it encounters a SIT but all POM knows and reports via a system completion code is SIT. It will not discriminate the specific condition. That is probably adequate for what you are trying to do, but it doesn't discriminate your two examples -- "call can't be completed as dialed" vs "the phone number has been disconnected."

3. Contact Strategy min/max agent configuration -- The min/max agent configuration pertains to the whole campaign. When you run a campaign, POM considers it in the context of what else is going on. Since you have a fixed number of agents, call it N, and possibly several campaigns running, POM first allocates agents to each of the running campaigns until they all have their MIN agent count. If the MIN values add up to more than N, then some campaign will not be able to run until its MIN number of agents are available. Assuming that the sum of the MIN values for the running campaigns is less than N, then POM allocates the remaining agents among the running campaigns based on campaign priority and probably a couple of other variables (see the user doc) until all agents are allocated or a campaign's MAX is reached. In a concrete example, suppose there are two campaigns A & B. A needs 5 agents MIN and only allows 10 agents MAX. B needs 3 agents MIN but allows 20 agents MAX. If A & B are both started, POM will allocate 10 agents to A (more than MIN of 5 but no more than MAX of 10) and 10 agents to B (more than MIN of 3 and the remaining 7 agents which doesn't quite hit the MAX of 13). Final comment: Yes, the user documentation has a tendency to tell you WHAT without sufficient description of WHY. We are continually giving the Avaya POM development team feedback on these things.

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Yes. I'm making progress with my campaign and getting stuck/need input on how to handle the scenarios which I have asked.

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation and I really like the way you respond to the queries.

I happened to test the voice mail box full and disconnected phone number scenario via POM campaign. I'm getting the completion code as either "Answer machine" or "Disconnected By User-CCA".

Voice mail box full : I have tested 2 different service provider numbers and getting "Answer machine" as completion code for one service provider number and "Disconnected By User-CCA" as completion code for other service provider. Is the completion code based on the response from service provider? Any thoughts on this.

Phone number disconnected : Similar to the voice mail box full testing, tested with 2 different service providers. Getting completion code as "Answer machine" for one number and "Disconnected By User-CCA" for other number.
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