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Hello there,

When we export our OD 7.2.3 apps "normally" to Experience Portal platform, it works as expected. WebLM URL is configured in OD runtimeconfig application, it gets the OD license, and operates. Log is redirected to a custom log file under tomcat/logs folder using the

However, we are testing integration with another vendor's VXML server, and we noticed some OD-generated VXML is not accepted. So we tried to export to "Other" platform, and from then on, it is not logging anymore (not to the custom log file, not to the original log folder, not anywhere), and it is no longer able to get the OD license, we can see the "Invalid runtime license" exception in the catalina.out file.

Question is, what causes OD to to stop logging and not get the license with "Other" platform? As far as I understand, only the VXML layer is supposed to change, not the generic behaviour.

One final thought, for the integration with the other vendor: it seems they are not accepting VXML variables if the name starts with underscore, which is pretty much every built-in OD variable (_avayaExitReason, _avayaExitInfo1, _avayaNoInputCounter, ...). And also not accepting if an expression has try-catch, e.g.

expr="try {JSON.stringify(session.connection.protocol.sip)} catch (errMsg) {'undefined'}"

is also invalid, but simply expr="'undefined'" is accepted. We are trying to see what happens with "Other" platform, but so far it seems these are the same. Any way to influence variable names and try-catch in expressions? Besided using Java bytecode editor to change the scert jar (just kidding :) )

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Logging has never been implemented. I guess we never meant to support other IVR system.
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