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In Application,
I am facing Provider.OUT_OF_SERVICE and not getting the call. I just added the below condition reset the provider connection

javax.telephony.Provider - provider

createProvider((stationId)) {
provider = jtapiPeer.getProvider(providerString)
return provider;

if (null != provider && provider.getState() != Provider.IN_SERVICE) {
provider = null;
provider = createProvider(stationId);
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So is there a question you are asking here?

Providers typically go out of service because of network failure which a handshake catches and cleans up the socket. Due to the outage, it is not possible to recover automatically (data has been lost and the application needs to be aware of that).

The question you need to investigate is why did the out of service condition occur (which I suspect is the nature of your post). Look at the AES logs to see if AES merely noticed the link go down itself, or if it initiated the disconnect (typically becasue the application did not accept a message it was trying to send to the application for a period of time).
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