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Hi Team,

We have an CTI Application which connects to AES via JTAPI, we are facing certain issues, where we receive shutdown events from TLink.
Due to which the apps become slow and also agent start facing log out issues, the resolution to that is we have to restart the windows based service of the application which connects to the TLink server, and it works fine again.
Still everytime we observe any slowness or agent log out issue in application we restart the service, whereas in logs we get the same shutdown event or client not in service error.
Logs snippet are attached for your reference.
Please guide to overcome the issue, if it is network related issue or something.
Thanks in advance!

  • [Thumb - JTapi Logs.JPG]

  • [Thumb - java service log.JPG]

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How does the application change its behavior when it gets the shutdown event?
What actions does the application take when it gets the shutdown event?
What actions does the application take to create a new provider?
What actions does the application take once a new provider is established?

All of these questions are important in the context of handling the loss of the T-Link, most importantly establishing a new T-Link, cleaning up the associations that the old T-Link had, and creating new ones using the new T-Link.

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