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I'm 100% sure this is not the right forum for my questions, but it's the only one that mentions WebRTC and there isn't one for IP Office Server Edition...

Current Environment:
  • IP Office Server Edition v11.0

  • WebRTC SDK API v1.16

  • I have a few questions regarding the above version the WebRTC SdK API, specifically the tokenLogin method.

  • I have configured the sdk-testpage and all works as expected for a username/password login however I wish to make use of the secure tokenLogin method but cannot find any documentation.

  • Section 4.1.17 starting on page 30 in the SDK documentation (Avaya_WebRTCSDK_Reference.pdf) describes the tokenLogin method.

    This is the pertinent sentence:

    The client should obtain esna token from the one-x server for a user name (Please refer the one-x open API documentations for details).

  • I have been unable to locate any one-x open API documentation that discusses the configuration or flow necessary to obtain a token for use with the WebRTC tokenLogin.

  • Can you provide links to the relevant documentation?

  • Can you links to a sample that makes use of tokenLogin along with the required configuration for each system included in the authentication/authorisation flow?

  • Thanks
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