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We are working on a UAC development project in one of our labs. The documentation says before the CSDK can be used that I need to authenticate with the AuthenticationService buy there is a timeout trying to hit the URL from externally.

I believe this is due to port 9443 being unreachable, it calls to the auth service like this:

--> Would it work to create an RPROXY entry for this that would include the port mapping within a logical FQDN like This would shorten the timeframe needed to do enable the firewall. Please let me know if this is a viable approach, and if so what configuration changes are needed to support that.

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Hi ValerieH,
Thank you for question.
Is port 9443 is disable on Breeze or externally? By default 9443 is enabled on Breeze.
Is firewall between this server and your client?
If yes, there are two ways:
1. Either open the port on client side firewall.
2. Create a proxy, cross the firewall.

Best regards,
Khalimov Albert
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