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We are upgrading from AEP 7 to AEP 8.1. Since AEP 8.1 only uses AXIS2, we are converting our applications to utilize AXIS2. We have been able to successfully call the queryResources method, however no matter what we try, we are unable to get launchCCXML to work for AXIS2. It works perfect for AXIS1 on the AEP 7.X. In the AXIS2 log on the AEP we see a null pointer exception.

We are getting the same result when we use either SOAPUI or a .NET client.

Please take a look at the attached SOAPUI screenshot. Do you see something we are doing wrong?

Also for your reference I am attaching the test CCXML application that we are calling. It works perfect with AXIS1.

Thank you.
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What version of Axis2 client are you using? OD 8.0 has the version 1.7.9 in order to work with EP 8.0 web services.
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