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I used method FindContactsByPhoneNumber of web-service OutboundContactWSSoap.
After upgrading AACC7 from AML to SIP this service doesn't return any data.
What happened with this service?

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Hey mate I have similar issue with this SOAP endpoint, however I use FindContactsByCustomField.
If the contact exists with my custom field (orderNumber) I get nothing returned just a 200 OK but no data.
If the orderNumber doesn't exist it errors with error 500 - Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
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I opened an SR for this but still waiting for the Design Team to answer. Here is what I wrote to Avaya: "There is a bug in FindContactsByCustomField endpoint of the Outbound Contact web service. Correctly calling the method returns "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" exception. We observe the problem on the newest 7.1.2 lineup but did some research and found out that it was introduced with AvayaCC_CCMM_7. - we did a test a different 7.1.1 system and uninstalling this patch instantly solves the problem. We're almost certain it came with Cache update in this patch. Logs (CMM_WebServicesOutbound_1.log) on 7.1.1 points to MapContact() method which causes the problem. Please provide a fix promptly as it makes our integration completely nonoperational."
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