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Not sure if this is the correct section of the forums to post this, if it is not please let me know and I will move it. We are writing an AELS server to catch phone registration requests as
well as emergency dials. So far, we managed to catch registrations through the PUBLISH requests it sends to the SM when someone logs in. The next piece we are working on is doing the same with emergency calls, but so far we can not getting them to come across correctly as a publish request with a "Event: av-ecalert" as seen in the documentation ( ). Is there something we need to configure to make sure these events forward correctly?
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There seem to be some issues with the next button in that html based documentation.
Have you followed the PDF version to provision emergency numbers? See page 75 of the following document

And strictly speaking, the SM APIs are not supported through a Forum. In the future please make use of a Technical Support Ticket for SM related questions about its APIs.
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