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Hi Guys,

Can you please help to understand the following issue?

Sometimes I work from home and sometimes from office. I have different monitors at these places.
The problem is: when I change my monitor then I have broken arrows on the flow screen.
Please check a screenshot.
Actually, I noticed this strange behavior a long time ago. But nowadays due to a lot of different projects with different developers the problem become very serious. Initially I blamed developers for inaccuracy during project development. But the reality shows that the flow view changes from monitor to monitor. If you have a big monitor with big resolution then seems that there is no problem but when you open flow in small monitor then arrows which connect different blocks - become ugly.
In the same time I do not see any changes in git for main.flow file (if you move any block on the flow then you will get changes in the main.flow) , so, it seems that it is internal OD stuff.

Is there any way to fix the scheme on the flow?
Or may be it is a known issue and you know how to fix/improve it?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi. It sounds like a monitor resolution issue. The minimum requirement is 1024 pixels in width and 768 pixels in height. Please, take a look here:
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The point here is that I have 1920*1080 at both monitor and laptop screen.
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These are not broken arrows. Some of the nodes seem to be squeezed together. You use the buttons (Blocks and Lines) toward the right side of the main toolbar on top to align the nodes or space them out automatically.
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Well, seems that my English is not so good. Under "broken lines" I meant that they are changed from direct arrows to squeezed (thanks for an accurate word) arrows. Of cause your are right and we can use there alignment buttons but after project import on different computers\laptops we must do it again.
And my question also was is there any way to fix or fix elements in groups on the flow?
Actually, grouping of elements is another question: is there any way to group elements, so, you can move the group simultaneously?
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Fore moving elements, there are some caveats on the Develper's guide.

Release 8.0 - page 155 (

"Before using the cut, copy, and paste operations within Orchestration Designer, review the
following caveat statements to understand the functionality and limitations:

• When cutting from a call flow or a message flow, nodes or items from the source call flow or
message flow are deleted. Any variables that are defined by the call flow or message flow are
also deleted.

• When copying across projects, the entire resource dependency tree is copied to the target
project including prompts, grammars, phrases, variables, and so on.

• When the resource dependency tree is copied, certain variables are not copied because
these variables are implicitly created by other project elements. For example, a Prompt &
Collect node in a speech application. So if the project element is not part of the clipboard
contents, then the variable is not copied to the target project.

• When copying across projects with multiple languages, the system attempts to determine
where language resources belong upon pasting. If there are different languages in the source
or target project, after-paste manual steps are required to align things properly.

• To undo a copy and paste operation, press Control+Z.
You cannot undo a copy and paste operation after you save the changes.

• When splitting large call flows or message flows into multiple call flows or message flows,
use Cut to move nodes from one flow to the other rather than Copy. Copy creates variables.
Cut moves the nodes from one flow to the other.

You can copy, cut, and paste elements only between projects that are created for the same
channel. For example, you can cut, copy, and paste elements only from one SMS channel
message application to another SMS channel message application "
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