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Hello Everyone,
I’m trying to achieve automation testing module using AAOD application. The mechanism sounds like whenever we are making a test call to IVR application, dtmf input would be detected based on configured/coded value. I’m able to generate the dtmf tone but application is not recognizing it as dtmf input and routing to else path.
It would be great help if someone can have a look into it and suggest/share your ideas to achieve this functionality. Thanks in Advance.

Environment details:
Eclipse Version : 2019-03 (4.11.0)
OD version :
Application server - Apache Tomcat/9.0.33
EPM version - 7.2.3s

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does it work with a real phone?
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I assume you are working with VoIP
First guess would be some form of DTMF encoding mismatch issue (inband tones, RFC based, etc) along your media path.
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Hi. Basing on the description, it seems you are designing the app on AAOD and testing it in a physical environment. Did you test your app on the AAOD built-in simulator ?
In the case you need, here are instructions for AAOD 7.2.3 (starting from page 426):
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Hi John.
Appreciate your response.

Yes, my AAOD app (IVR) is working fine with real phone.
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Hi Massimo,
Thanks for your suggestion.

Would like to inform you that dtmf recognition is working fine for my AAOD app if tested with in-built simulator and in test environment. I'm trying to achieve a mechanism using which dtmf digits can be automatically recognized instead of pressing digits on phone or in-built simulator. I'm able to generate digits tone using below functionality of Phrase variable :

"Supporting DTMF tones by converting the string value of a variable into a list of DTMF recordings."

But application is not recognizing it as a dtmf input and routing to else path.
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DTMF tone recognition is based on your telephony system. You have to have recording that fits the specs of your own system.
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