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I'm trying to install localization bundle es-la (3.1.9), which I have done many times in other version of OD but not 8.1.

I first installed the bundle into Windows-> Orchestration Designer -> Languages. Also set the ARS and TTS to es-us.

Then I went to application-> Properties -> Orchestration Designer -> Languages.
Installed the localization bundle into the Localization Bundle section (lower window).
Then added "spanish" to the Project Languages section (upper window). Added "spanish", selected es-us for ASR Language, selected es-us for TTS Language, selected es-la (3.1.9) for Localization Language, and did not install the standard phrase set. Selected External.

The spanish folder with all the appropriate sub-folders are created under the project,
The project.module file is updated with " <language name="spanish" root="es-la"/>"
<language name="english" root="en-us"/>
<language name="russian" root="ru-ru"/>
<language name="spanish" root="es-la"/>

The project.languages is NOT updated. Only the english specification exists.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<language asr="en-us" localization="en-us" localizationVersion="3.1.2" name="english" stdPhrasesInstalled="false" stdPhrasesLocation="EXTERNAL" tts="en-us"/>

I also tried with another localization bundle (russian) and received the same results.

What is the issues?


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I have not seen nor I am able to reproduce the problem you described. Do you see any error in the .log in the Workspace directory? If you create a new project or use a different project and go through the same steps, does the same problem happen? Need to narrow down the problem.
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The were errors in .log.
I removed all instance of the language (spanish) and tried again.
I did this may times before I submitted the issue to DevConnect.
Now it worked. No idea why.
I have attached the log file.
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