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Have some problem with AgentTrasferWS.TransferContactToAgent

We’ve tried to use this function but with no luck. The email is not arriving to the target agent. The webservice runs without any failure.

Our code
_transfer.TransferContactToAgent(id, 5, "", _sessionKey);

There is agent in the database and system with ID 5.
As soon as we call this function, it does nearly everything.

AAAD Confirmations
Mail 688, Transferred to Aliz from AAAD

Mail 600, Transferred to Bela from SDK

_contact.CloseContact("600", "Transfered to agent", 0, false, _sessionKey);
_transfer.TransferContactToAgent("600", 5, "", _sessionKey);
To is missing here, we think this causes the problem in the routing, and the contact never arrives to Bela.

AACC 7.1.1 and 7.1.2
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