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We have created a server application by using ccs-sdk.

For multiple users per client, we set client profile to Profile.Server.

Our code:

ClientListenerI cl = new ClientListenerI() {
@Override public void onClientEvent(NotificationEventI<ClientI> clientEvent) {}

SessionListenerI sl = new SessionListenerI() {
@Override public void onSessionEvent(NotificationEventI<SessionI> sessionEvent) {}

ClientI client = ClientI.create("", Profile.Server, "TEST_SERVER", null);

client.signin("Domain\\1000", "password", sl, cl);

client.signin("Domain\\1001", "password", sl, cl);

CCS-SDK was giving exception
"com.avaya.ccs.api.exceptions.InvalidStateException: unable to signin from current state, disconnect and re-attempt signin".

aacc version : 7.1.2
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