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Hi Team,

We have a scenario with one of our Clients (Financial sector). They are using AES DMCC .Net SDK for the Softphone. Agents have Avaya H.323 hardphone on their desk. During the call, Agent takes the Customer to conference with IVR for PIN management. The agent is put to mute using Selective Hold Listen so he cannot hear the DTMF pressed by Customer, but the issue is here that Agent can pass DTMF during the call which can lead to fraudulent activities.

So my question is, can we block/stop Agent from sending DTMF during the conference call?

Details are as follows :

Avaya Aura Release = Rel 8.x
Avaya Experience Portal Release = Rel 8.x
AES DMCC dotnet SDK = Rel 8.x

Conference Call flow is attached
  • [Thumb - Softphone_Call_Flow.png]

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I am not sure I fully understand your concern. Once SLH is used so that the agent can not hear the customer, are you saying that the Agent can randomly push DTMF keys and cause an issue? Or that SLH is only blocking voice, that the agent can still receive DTMF events (e.g. out of band messaging events for DTMF)? In other words please expand on your concern as much as possible. If you are concerned about letting the cat out of the bag so to speak, open a support ticket so that your communication will be private.

8.x is not a release. Please be more specific about the actual release in use for Communication Manager and AE Services.
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