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I'm getting Error 1003 when calling pomEventRegister.login

I've applied every role to the User.

EPM Organization is currently disabled. Do I need to enable this?

2022-04-07 05:38:51,463] FINE [main] LoggerImpl.fine:56 - ApplicationHome : D:\_dev\POM-AgentDesktop\Workspace\POMEventSDK\config
[2022-04-07 05:38:51,464] FINER [main] LoggerImpl.finer:63 - Loading properties file D:/_dev/POM-AgentDesktop/Workspace/POMEventSDK/config/
[2022-04-07 05:38:51,464] FINE [main] LoggerImpl.fine:56 - EventSDK Configuration has been initialized
[2022-04-07 05:38:51,465] FINE [main] LoggerImpl.fine:56 - LoginOption null
[2022-04-07 05:38:53,379] FINE [main] LoggerImpl.fine:56 - Default LoginOption : LoginOption [, pomPortNumber=443]
[2022-04-07 05:38:53,425] FINER [main] LoggerImpl.finer:63 - sending request :
[2022-04-07 05:38:53,811] FINE [main] LoggerImpl.fine:56 - Failed to get response. 401
[2022-04-07 05:38:53,811] ERROR [main] LoggerImpl.error:81 - POMException - Error Code 1003 Error Messsage User is not authenticated
at com.avaya.pim.eventsdk.core.POMEventRegistrar.login(
at sampleclient.TestClient.main(
Joined: Mar 27, 2019
Messages: 8
I fixed the issue.

I created an EPM user for kafka but you need to have successfully logged in for the account to activate.

1. Create User in EPM
2. Log out of EPM and login with new account
3. Connect to eventsdk services

The only role I applied to the User was web services and it worked fine. I didn't play around with the roles, so not sure if (or how much) the roles matter.
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