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Hi everyone,

I would like to ask something. We're trying to transfer the call to a VDN (survey IVR) automatically after agent is hanging up the call. We want to monitor this VDN by JTAPI (or TSAPI) and get the agent info (login id / extension) to be able to provide it for this Survey application. At the same time, can we implement TSAPO / JTAPI application as a Windows service? This service will listen that VDN and get the agent info.

Does it make sense? Is there any way to do this?
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Communication Manager provides a VDN feature for after call surveys.
You can create a windows service as a JTAPI application that will monitor the VDN and collect call traffic information. I am not sure precisely what this monitor provides relative to agent information. For cases like conference and transfer involving agents I would think just a VDN monitor will fall short.
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