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We are planning to write Recording Application for Avaya Aura CC Elite. Can you please guide us the starting point? As per our study below are the findings-
- We need to initiate Single Step conference from agent phone to bring our recorder extension in conference. Is it correct or there is another way to fork media streams.
-For Single Step Conference we can use JTAPI API.
- For recording we need to register recorder extension using DMCC API and call DMCC recording API to record calls when recording extension receives call.

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Umesh Chaurasia
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Hi Umesh,

You can use JTAPI to perform the call-control functions and DMCC to register recording ports but you may find it simpler to use DMCC for everything.

You can get more information on using DMCC to record calls in "Developing Client-side IP Call Recording Applications using Avaya Application Enablement Services", link below.

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Thanks Martin. I will check as per your suggestion.
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The DMCC programmer's guides also have a section on "custom media" which outlines how to achieve independant media streams for each party in the conference should you be inclined to utilize that in your recorder.

Also the documentation that Martin referenced does not have much information relative to recording SIP stations. SIP station recording is supported with all three forms of recording (MR, SSC, and SO). With MR recording you must use Independant mode for the DMCC device that will be used to record with.
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