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since MERGE events are related to merging calls together (conferencing) and the MultiCallMetaEvent provides getNewCall() and getOldCalls() which should provide details for old calls that will be merged into the new call if i understand correctly, but both methods are providing the same UCID of the call which leaves me not able to track which call got merged into which, is this normal and I'm looking at the wrong events or there is something else i should be doing to know which call gets merged into another one.

Calls are tracked with two IDs, the UCID and the TSAPI ID, an example:
301 calls 302, the ucid is XXXX509 and the TSAPI ID is 5190, 301 holds the call with 302
301 calls 303, the ucid is XXXX430 and the TSAPI ID is 5191
301 conferences 302 and 303 calls, the new call UCID is XXXX509 with TSAPI ID 5191, this way we can know how the calls were merged.

to get the TSAPI ID use : ((ITsapiCallIDPrivate) callObject).getTsapiCallID()
and for call ucid use : ((LucentV15Call) callObject).getUCID()
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A foundation for understanding UCIDs in merge events is in this FAQ

How JTAPI client presents that is beyond my expertise. But let's at least start with you taking a look at the TSAPI tracing information inforamtion and valiating that AES is sending the JTAPI client the information you need to make the right decisions.
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seems like i can get TSAPI information with ITsapiCallIDPrivate, will give it a try ...
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