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In AEP 8.1.1, I use IVR speech applications to invoke a restful application, which is on the IIS.
The restful application return a xml result, and IVR speech application can receive it by the web service operation(REST).

When I show the complete result, it works fine.
However, if we parse the result with XPath, non-ASCII characters become garbled.

The attachments are simple applications, which invoke a xml file by the web service operation(REST).
It will write logs after invoking a xml file, and non-ASCII characters can NOT be shown correctly when using XPath in AAOD 8.1.1 .

This issue happens when we export applications by AAOD 8.1.1,
but does NOT happen when we export applications by AAOD 7.0.1 .

If I use avrest-rt- from AAOD 7.0.1, rename it to avrest-rt-,
and put it into AAOD 8.1.1 speech to replace the original file, it can work fine, too.
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