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Dear Sir,

Regarding methods of ConnectionID Class I have some questions as follows:
1) Is return value of getCallID() as same as return value of getTsapiCallID() of ITsapiCallIDPrivate?
2) What is return value of getDeviceID()?
3) What is return value of getDevIDType()?

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I have not been able to check this but my expectations are:

1. Yes. A CallID is an number and is the CallID that Communication Manager uses to reference the call. It passes this to AES in TSAPI events.
2. This can be a Static ID (e.g. station ID, dialed number etc.) or a Dynamic ID (e.g. T0001#1). A Dynamic ID is generated by AES when it does not know the actual number.)
3. According to the JavaDocs, DYNAMIC_ID or STATIC_ID.

You will find more information on these fields in "TSAPI for Avaya Communication Manager Programmer's Reference".

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