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Is it true that I will still receive the OnTonesRetrievedEvent even though I'm in client mode? In AES Device Media and Call Control .NET Programmers Guide on page 122 it says that AES will still detect them but on page 79 it says that the application has to detect the DTMF digits. Which is it?

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DTMF can be transmitted is several different ways:
o In-band, where the tone is send in the RTP packet(s), either in the header or as a tone in the payload
o Out-of-Band, there the digit is transmitted over a separate, signaling, path (e.g. SIP, Q.931)

If the tone is sent Out-of-Band, Communication Manager will send an event to AES which will send an OnTonesRetrievedEvent to the application.

If the tone is sent In-band, Communication Manager will not be aware of it and it is up to the entity receiving the RTP to decode it. If you are using Client media mode, that means the application must handle it.

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