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We are using IP Office 4.2 and i have an issue related to getExtension() method in VB Script Voicemail Pro.

This is the sample method to retrieve caller extension given by Avaya help but i can't understand it.

dim index
dim ext
index = 0

ext = Voice.GetExtension(index)
index = index + 1
Loop Until Len(ext) = 0

What is index (OFFSET NUMBER OF EXTENSION)? Where i can get index?

I receive an incoming call from outside of office. I just receive it from an extension (Extn100) and gave option to caller to transfer call to help-desk (1) or tech-support (2). Now if he/she presses (1) we transfer call to help-desk-representative.
Now which representative (Extension Number) picks the call?

If i got that which rep pick the call i can save this extension number into database for my real time application development.
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DevConnect support for IP Office issues is provided to higher level members through Technical Support requests. There is no DevConnect forum where free support is provided at the current time. You can contact Avaya Support to report product issues, and work through a valid maintenance contract to get some forms of product support as well.
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