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you are aware of of the recent license fix you did along with Glenn Boxell. Thx.

We are running DD5.1 under tomcat under solaris m/c with MPS3.5. I got our first very simple application to work yesterday once the license issue was resolved.

Just for further testing, I deployed the same application under another solaris m/c running tomcat and got the following error:
7139 Apr 29 14:32:55.71|526|47|8002|com.nortelnetworks.vxi|VXI::PushExecutionContext - platform defaults initialized
7140 Apr 29 14:32:55.71|526|47|8002|com.nortelnetworks.vxi|VXI::RunDocumentLoop - loading initial document.
7141 Apr 29 14:32:55.71|526|47|8002|com.nortelnetworks.vxi|VXI::PerformTransition(
7142 Apr 29 14:32:55.71|526|47|8002|com.nortelnetworks.vxi|DocumentParser::FetchDocument(
7143 Apr 29 14:32:55.78|526|47|8002|com.nortelnetworks.vxi|DocumentParser::FetchBuffer(, { (inet.urlEncod
ing, UTF-8) })
7144 Apr 29 14:33:15.82|526|47||com.nortelnetworks.SBinet|700||Func=SSL_write|SSL_get_error=1
7145 Apr 29 14:33:15.82|526|47||com.nortelnetworks.SBinet|217||URL=
7146 Apr 29 14:33:15.82|526|47|8000|com.nortelnetworks.vxi|DocumentParser::FetchBuffer - could not retrieve absolute path of document at URL: http
7147 Apr 29 14:33:15.82|526|47|8000|com.nortelnetworks.vxi|DocumentParser::FetchDocument - exiting with error result 2
7148 Apr 29 14:33:15.82|526|47||com.nortelnetworks.vxi|203||URL=
7149 Apr 29 14:33:15.82|526|47|8002|com.nortelnetworks.vxi|VXI::DoEvent(error.badfetch)

It could not fetch the first page. Could you give some guidance on where I should look. Both tomcat are 6x versions. The above trace says SSL-get_error=1. Please help.

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Hi Deepak, unless I'm missing something, it seems that this issue should posted to the Dialog Designer forum. Does it have anything to do with ACE?
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