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We have been trying to use converse-on with CTI transfer.But have been unable to do this.The flow is something like this
CM ---> VP (IVR app) --->CTI xfer back to switch

I was told that converse-on will not work with cti xfer on another forumin devconnect

The reason for using converse-on is the need to pass the original vdn to the switch for playing client specific announcements in the queue.We definitely want to use CTI to pass IVR specific values.

So since converse-on/CTI xfer doesnt seem to work together, is there a way CM can retrieve CTI values (assuming queue-to is used instead of converse-on and IVR passes original vdn in uui) and play client specific queue messages based on original vdn? If so, how ?

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This is not a question relating to Avaya ACE but I asked one of our experts and received the following response:

"My interpretation of this is that the IVR is populating the UUI header in the SIP INVITE with the original VDN number. I believe that this UUI is then available in the TSAPI / DMCC CTI events such as delivered, established, etc. If that is not happening it could be a bug."
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