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Our business are are using auto-in agent login mode and use VDN timed ACW Interval option in the communication manager so that agents get a gap (45 - 60 seconds) to wrap before they get next call.
Could you please let us know if there is any JTAPI API/Event to retrieve the timed ACDW interval given the VDN as input? Thanks for your help
More on VDN Timed ACW Interval from "Administrator Guide for
Avaya Communication Manager"
VDN Timed ACW Interval
When a value is entered in this field, an agent in auto-in work mode who receives a call from
this VDN is automatically placed into After Call Work (ACW) when the call drops. When the
administered time is over, the agent automatically becomes available. This field takes
precedence over the Timed ACW Interval field on the Hunt Group screen. When Meet-me
Conferencing is n, an asterisk (*) appears next to the field name, indicating that this field
follows VDN override rules when the system changes the "active" VDN for a call.
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Yes, using the System Management Service that comes with AE Services you can use web services to run a request to get the Timed ACW Interval based on the VDN extension passed. This service can also be used to change that setting.
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