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When using TSAPI spy to spy on messages on my windows service app I seem to have a problem on Windows 2008 in that no tsapi messages are.

Is there an issue with TSAPI Spy when used against a service on windows 2008?
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Hi Stewart,

TSAPI Spy cannot trace an application if it is running as a service on Windows Server operating systems.

I don't know the details but I think it has something to do with services running in a different space to user programs.

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Hi Martin,

Yes I am aware that Microsoft made some changes that affected applications running in different contexts when exchanging data. We have found this withmemory mapped files, TS Spy may use a similar technology.
Is there a plan to try another way of passing data?
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in the past developers wanting to use TSSPY on windows Server OSs have had to run their application from the command prompt as opposed to as a service.

Alternatively you can enable TSAPI tracing on AE Services and use that output (csta-trace.*)
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