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Dear Sir,

What is difference b/w WSOP using Axis 1.4 & Axis 2.0? When should we be using Axis1.4 or Axis 2 interface?

Can we use any of these to interact with WS? In that case which one would be preferred as per Avaya and Why?


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On a simple level, Axis 1.4 is several years older than Axis2 and is not actively being developed any longer. For that reason, we usually recommend using the Axis2 connector for any new web service operations.

On a deeper level, Axis 1.4 and Axis2 do have architectural differences that might make connecting to a web service with the Axis2 (newer) connector impossible, or vica versa. For example, when you import a WSDL, one connector might fail while the other will succeed. Or, the request/response pair might work with only one connector and not correctly with the other. In these cases, we generally recommend using the connector that works.

It can certainly be difficult to know when to use one or the other, though. This is one of the reasons why we don't usually troubleshoot why a particular connector doesn't work when the other connector does. The solution can involve recreating the web service, WSDL, writing a Java client, any combination of those, or is plain impossible. The best way for you to probably approach it is to first try the Axis2 connector, as that is preferred by us. This usually works without incident. However, because of reasons stated above, the Axis2 connector might not support the supplied WSDL or cannot interact with the web service. At that point, you can try using the Axis 1.4 connector. Any issues you run across using either connector can be posted here and we can point you in the direction of a solution.
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