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I have the problem that I deleted Submodule from AAOD App.
But Submodule variable still existed in AAOD App.

So How to remove submodule variable from AAOD App?

What is the reason that Submodule variable still existed AAOD App ?

Please give me any suggestion.

Chukiat D.
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That is very odd. If you are VERY careful, (make a back up copy of the project.variables first, or your whole project for that matter) then open the project.variables with the text editor and then search for the variable name you want to delete. There will be an entry for each field of the complex variable like :

<variable factoryID="" name="untitledCApp1:untitledOutput1" owner="com.avaya.sce.callflow" type="com.avaya.sce.callflow.ui.moduleOutput" value="" version="1.0">
<policy name="deleteable" value="false"/>
<policy name="renameable" value="false"/>
<policy name="appendable" value="false"/>
<policy name="opaque" value="true"/>

as an example. In this example the variable is named untitledCApp1 and you would find all ocurrances of it and remove the <varaible>...</variable>

Then save and click open with Project variable editor.
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