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I need to create a report which could show accumulative data since the beginning of the day till the moment for more than one split.

Input [ List of Split & Skills ]
Expected Output [ One Line Containing Accumulative data for all these splits as example sum(acdcalls), sum(abncalls) for all these splits.

Realtime reports will give me only real time so I can't use it, I tried to use integrated reports but I can't add sum of any functions to accumulate the data for more than predefined splits also I can't find where conditions on the query for integrated reports.

please your support to tell me the best method to design this report

Thanks in advance.
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Most significant cumulative data will be available from the statistical reports on CCMA or through ODBC connection. RTD will provide /some/ cumulative data on a "moving window" or "interval-to-date" basis. And, of course, you can collate your own statistics from RTD/RSM where appropriate. Have a look at those options to find which best matches your own specific needs.

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Good luck with your application.

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so I could use RTD to get Sum of All Answered Calls from the start of the day till the moment for more than splits [ as input ].

I have read this in the documentation of the SDK so does that means that data accumulated at least every 10 minutes or there is another method to generate a report that could retrieve accumulative data every 30 seconds for more than one split form start of day till the report generation time.
Each type of statistic is collected in two different ways?interval-to-date and moving window.
The interval used for interval-to-date calculations is user-configurable in 15-minute increments
from 15 minutes to 24 hours. The interval used for moving window calculations is predefined to
be 10 minutes.
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