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Our current OD version is (SP1). We would like to upgrade it to (SP2) version. The question is that on Websphere environment, I have to update all lib files such as axis.jar, xmlsec-1.4.3.jar, log4j-1.2.15.jar and etc. or replacing only "scertcommon-" file with "scertcommon-" is enough ?

By the way, I compared OD 6.0 SP1 & SP2 lib files and I noticed that the only difference is scertcommon-06.00.XX jar files.

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If you find most of the files are the same in the runtimesupport zip package which you can export, you can just replace the ones that are different. It's fine whichever way you want to do it as long as the files are in the right directory.
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