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We are using TSAPI interface to communicate with an Avaya switch. We used to connect to host: AVAYA#AESLINK#CSTA#ABCAESSRVR

But an engineer pulled out the power in AES Server and then we found after restarting we couldn't connect. The reason, we found was that the host name to use had to be changed to:


The only reason this became apparent was because the tsapi test tool worked and that used this host.

The part of the string which changed was the switch connection name. The Avaya docs say:

You determine the switch connection name when you administer a Switch Connection in the AE Services Management Console, and the TSAPI service, in turn, gets the information from the

How can this name be changed? We are not aware, but I suppose it is possible that someone might have changed this (although unlikely). Could be changed through an upgrade? Some other reason?
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Hi Angus,

The only possible explanation is that somebody deleted the Switch Connection and then re-added it with a different name.

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An alternate hypothesis is that there are multiple AE Services servers available and the scan located a different AE Services server's link that was working and used its link (with a slightly different name).
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