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Forum Index » AE Services General (Archive - Oct 2013 and earlier) » AES software only installation   XML
Author Message

Joined: 30/04/2010 03:02:12
Messages: 0


I am installling AES in a Linux Red Hat 5.8 virtual machine.
I follow the documentation about the preferences and the AES starts to install the packages, but at the end instead the Installation Successful I receive this message:
13:48:24 | ======= MVAP Packages Installed ===============
13:48:24 | Success
13:48:24 | STEP 5:
13:48:24 | Running Post Installation...
mvap_postinstall: Configuring the login environment script /etc/profile.d/ with different variables
mvap_swonly_postinstall: Configuring variables in /etc/profile.d/
Performing Cleanup.....
uid=503(craft) gid=555(susers) groups=555(susers),506(securityadmin)
uid=506(rasaccess) gid=503(remote) groups=503(remote)
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root),1(bin),2(daemon),3(sys),4(adm),6(disk),10(wheel)
id: sroot: No such user
mvap_postinstall: Adjust the default users UID and GID to be the same on all servers

And the installation stops there. I donĀ“t know if that is normal, and in case not how to solve it.
If I exit in that point (because the installation window stops there) i should start the service tomcat because the service is stopped and after that I can access to the AES Console Manager. But if I restart the virtual image during the reboot process the aes services can not be started and the system stops there the restart and never starts again.
Can anybody point me in the right direction because is making me crazy after 2 days with it.

Joined: 30/04/2010 03:02:12
Messages: 0


I already install it properly in a virtual machine, but the problem is that opening a browse in the machine is allocated the AES virtual machine and typing https://AES_ip it doesn't open any page.
Should i start tomcat5 service or it is done by the aes services automaticaly?

Joined: 24/10/2013 21:24:19
Messages: 412

Tomcat should start up, but if it isn't started then I would suggest starting it so that you can verify getting to the AES Web Console.
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