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I know that this question has been asked numinous times concerning Callmaster phones, but I want to ask the question again concerning the 96xx IP hard phones.

I am attempting to change the option Speakerphone: 2-way to Speakerphone: none on a 96xx IP hard phone.

When I change the option to Speakerphone: none and attempt to establish a DMCC connection, I receive the following message:

Terminal Registered Response: reason: Registration Reject reason: undefinedReason
Shared control denied because of incompatible set type - only DCP and IP phone w/speaker are allowed.

Is there any option I can modify in the CM or AES that will allow 96xx IP hard phones to have the option Speakerphone: none and still allow DMCC multi registration?


Darryl Anderson
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No. A phone must be speakerphone enabled in order for DMCC to control it. The Communication Manager must be able to force the phone off-hook and this is not possible without a speakerphone.

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