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I have to send call attached data from IVR (which resides in GVP) to Avaya contact Center (one of the skillset CDN). I came across the blogs and found the following two suggestions,

1. Set call data in UUI in GVP and transfer the call to Avaya Contact Center.
2. Write a webservice to consume CCT REST API to store call data and IVR will call new webservice to store call data

I have few questions in the above two solution

1. Set call data in UUI and transfer the call.   
   a. will the callId remain same if the call is transferred from Genesys platform to Avaya CTI?
   b. If transfer of UUI attached data is possible in between cross platform. then is any API is available
to retrieve those attached data.

2. Write a webservice to consume CCT REST API to store call data and IVR will new webservice to store call data.
   a. Can i use CCT REST API to attach call data?
   b. Can i create voice contact when i am in GVP using "Contact Resource" CCT REST API?
   c. If so, what will be the below input parameters to create voice contact.


Could anyone please suggest the best approach to proceed, else if you guys have any new approach
to achieve this data exchange in call center environment, please share.
It will be a great help for me to proceed further.

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Hi Shahul,

Please search the docs for the term "Landing Pad". I think that this is more inline with what you are trying to do.

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Thanks Ian,

I have gone through the CCMS Landing Pad. Will try and update :)

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Hi Lan,

I have tried "CCMS Landing Pad". I mentioned some of my assumption here in below points

a) It is Open Interfaces Open Networking web service which will reserve a landing pad CDN and
can be used for cancelling that reservation using Java technology.

b) I need to call a method called reserveCDNLandingPad() webservice to reserve a landing pad.

c) For reserving the landing pad, i need some of the following Parameters to be set
"contactGUID, destinationCDN, contactData, intrinsics, ReasonCode, Authentication".
c) Once a landing pad is reserved i can transfer the call along with attached data.

d) After completing the call, once i call a method cancelCDNLandingPad() it will return back the
to cancel the reserved "Landing pad name" using this name i can cancel a reserved landing pad.

c) They have provided the SDK for this implementation.

In this scenario i have few queries,
i) In #2 parametres whether the destinationCDN will be the agent number or can be a queue number.
ii) And it seems that Open Networking Open Interface CCMS's version is "Contact
Center 7.0 SU_02 release." while my Contact center CCMS's version is (Contact Center 6.0) Will there
be any conflict on such combination.
iii) Will "CCMS Open Network Landing Pad" concept transfer the call from GVP to Avaya CC? Because, i will call "Open Network Landing Pad" web service from GVP.

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