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We are using dialog designer 5.0 Call Control project(CCXML) code using JSP to make the outbound calls.

We are getting the event$.info.callprogress status as 'Timeout' in the event connection.signal event of transition tag.

What does the timeout denotes? Do we need to check this timeout and handle any failure cases?

What are all the other scenarios, when timeout will be returned in CCXML.
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You are getting the timeout after you attempt a createcall (it's not clear from your explanation what triggers this event)?

If so, the timeout is the total amount of time needed from the start of the createcall before it reaches a connected state. It appears you are exceeding that timeout either the callee is not answering or something else is causing a timeout. There is no way to know without more information.

You should check for a timeout if that is an expected result.
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