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I have ACE AVAYA in my company. I can use makeCall and endCall. It's great.

But now I need to know two thinks:

- How can I answer a call if I have not the callIdentifier.
- Once I have answered, how can I capture the telephone that is calling.

Please could you link me to some documentation that solves both doubts?

I've been watching the whole ACE WebService Trainer video (7 chapters) and there is no information about that.

Tank you very much.
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Hi Josep,

The call identifier is necessary in order to answer the call as it identifies the unique call. Please have a look at Call Notifications chapter within ACE Web Services document. I believe this will answer both of your questions.

You can subscribe for call notifications on device(s) which will enable ACE to notify your client that a call event has occurred (e.g. ringing event, answer event, etc) using startCallNotification API. For ringing event, you will receive call identifier and this can allow your application to respond with answerCall (see Third Party Call Control Extensions chapter). Once you have answered, ACE will trigger another event to your application displaying parties on the call. Alternatively, you can also register for call events for a call session via makeCall by providing 'reference' parameter. This will provide you call notifications for all activities related to the call session. Please see makeCall request parameters details in web services documentation for details.

Both of these methods for call notifications subscriptions are available on ACE WebServices Trainer for you to exercise. The first method I mentioned above is located under Call Notifications tab and the second method is located in the makeCall Pane. Simply check the "Events" checkbox. If you observe the resulting SOAP output and events triggers, this will give you better idea.

Thank you,

Dipesh Gandhi Software Engineer, Avaya DevConnect
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