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In one of our customer sites, we are upgrading the existing CTI setup and self service application. The self service application was developed using DD 3.2.x and the CTI setup was running on an ASAI based architecture, where the VXML app used object tag to invoke some TAS scripting to send CTI information. Currently we plan to replace the ASAI with AES/TSAPI. The customer has 200 TSAPI licenses. The Avaya CCE will be the CTI platform. In CCE, the Named License Server configuration can be done that effectively removes the lock of TSAPI licenses. While configuring the in CTI Connector, is there any provision to instruct the cticonnector.jar to use named license mechanism?
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No, you can't do that in the file. The CTIC itself doesn't know about tsapi licensing, that is under the hood and not configured on the DD side. You should probably bring this to the JTAPI/AES support group if you have trouble with it.
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