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I am new to the Avaya suite of products, and have been asked to do some API programming against our Avaya PBX. I do have experience using SOAP/web services.

Specifically, I have been asked to query the PBX for currently assigned phone #s, given known MAC addresses.

Where do I start? As far as I know, this is our first foray into such programming against the PBX, and web services are probably not even enabled (nobody has sent me a URL to a WSDL or anything like this ).


Marcus Del Greco
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The API you are looking for is the System Management Service web service. It is one of the interfaces provided by Application Enablement Services. I suggest looking on the Devconnect portal for documentation. There is an SDK that is free to download. Included in the SDK download is a usage document that is very helpful in getting you going. If you have any further questions please use the System Management Service forum.
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