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I am the IVR Developer which integrate with CTI external function to connect to the CTI link.

Regarding to IVR app in Avaya IR V.2 with CTI feature that could not un hold in case no Agent log on to CM, the IVR app with CTI feature do process as detail below:-
1.   CtiHold Caller
2.   CtiDial to Agent <==
3.   CtiCallInfo to pass parameter
4.   CtiTransfer to merge call and transfer to agent

The IVR app can do CTI transfer correctly in case Agent log on to CM.

In case no Agent log on to CM, The IVR app get the return_code = -1 in Process No. 2, the IVR app use the CTIRetrieve feature to unhold the first call. But the IVR app could not unhold caller using CTIRetrieve. It return code = -1.

Besides, I have some questions as detail below:
- If CTIDial fail, Do we have to disconnect the second call before I can be able to unhold the first call ?
- If yes, What is the CTI function that I could use to disconnect the second call first ?
- If no, Is is means that the CTIDial will disconnect the second call automatically and return code to the IVR app ?

Please give me any suggestion.
Thank you.

Chukiat D.

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I have the suspicion that you are asking about an API that Avaya Interactive Respose exposes. The functions CTIRetrieve, CtiHold, CtiDial, CtiCallInfo are all unfamiliar to those of us who work directly with AE Services and its APIs.

Unfortunately Avaya does not sponser a forum for IR releated questions.

I would speculate that you DO need to disconnect the second call before you can retrieve the held (first) call. All I can suggest is to review the API documentation you have for the CTI* methods you are utilizing and look for something that looks like CtiDrop, CtiDisconnect ctiClearCall, CtiClearConnection and try to utilize it to disconnect the second call.
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