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Messages posted by: JohnChen2
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Yes, it's not working for all the stations. I am only using 9650 for testing this feature. I had TTI security code set at 1, not sure if it caused unnamed registration fail. I am working with h323 stations only now.

After I login extension 150003 on the 9650 mannually, then I can do everything from there, I can do list ip-hoteling, I can do disable ip-reg-tti old 150003, and I can do enable ip-reg-tti new 150003 mac xxxxxx to have that extension logged back on, also I can do enable ip-registration old 150003 new 150004 to have extension switched. But after I mannually logout 150003 off the phone, I can not do anything, that message "MAC address doesn't belong to station in TTI state" prompts, I think the reason is that the phone is not in TTI mode after I mannually logout the extension. But the phone was not entered into TTI state after 60 seconds which is supposed to be, obviously the unnamed registration is not working as expected.
John, now everything looks working fine except the Unnamed Registration as I still got message "MAC address does not belong to station in TTI state". I did everything following your instruction for Unamed Registration, am I missing anything?

In system features,
TTI Enabled? y
TTI State: Voice
Unnamed Registrations and PSA for IP Telephones? y

In settting files,
Set Unnamedstat 1

CM system load: R015x.
Phone firmware: 3.1.01S
Thanks, now I can see these commands in SAT. I can logout an extension eg. 150003 off an IP 9650 with command disable ip-reg-tti, but how could I login that extension back on that IP 9650? I tried both enable ip-registration and enable ip-reg-tti, none works.
How could I activate the feature IP Hoteling on CM5.2? I turned on SA8520 in SYS Spe, I got the IP hoteling option in Station form, but no Enable IP-Registered and Disable IP-Registered command in SAT. By the way, the email address you gave doesn't work.
Hi John,

I am trying to achieve remote station login/logout as well. Can I request information about SA8520 via direct email? Appreciate if you can provide some usage examples...

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