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Messages posted by: Torrance
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Is there any way to retrieve the SMGR sync status with CM via SNMP or CLI? Is there even a trap sent on failure? If so, please point me to the OID. See attached screenshot.

  • SMGR under Services >Inventory: >Synchronization > Communication System
  • Thank you Michael!!!! That seems to work as far as I can see. As long as I don't overwrite any data that is there, I am happy. Thanks again.
    Thanks again John.
    I think this is what worries me.

  • "So something like entry 5 or 10 is probably blank on the SAT form and I believe you should use that blank entry to add a new entry with."

  • If I don't guess or predict the correct blank entry, I could overwrite something in a list of over 35,000 entries. I am wondering if CM SAT always does 15 entries when you do a change uniform-dialplan <extension>? As in slot 16 is always empty? That could be a way to predict the blank space. Not sure if that is always the case though.

    Thank you for your response. Please see my answers below.
  • 1) created an entry using the CM SAT (successfully)
    Yes. I am able to create the uniform dialplan entry using CM SAT. That works just fine.

  • 2) used SMS to 'read' that entry
    I can read the entry as well. In my python code I check to see if the entry is there before I try to create a new one.

  • 3) taken the SMS response and altered it slightly to create a new entry
    I am not sure this works the way I expected it. I seem to be overwriting the wrong entries when trying alter using the same api call and soap xml header presented earlier.

  • I guess, I still need help making sure I don't overwrite any entries. That could be why I am getting the error message. The api call is trying to create or alter the entry in position [1]. and that may not be the correct entry every time.
  • *********Net position="1"***************
  • Is there some kind of guide on how all of this is indexed?
    It seems this is an issue with CM. The specific CM I was using won't allow the Net=ext assignment. It will however allow the Net=aar setting. So the issue is not with my code or API call.
    This seems to fail now on the AES test site (sms_test.php) on my production system. I get the same error there...
    Response {
      var $result_code = 1
      var $result_data = ''
      var $message_text = '2 6c02ff01 68d5 Resulting number is not a valid extension
    I am attempting an API call to AES using SMS to create a uniform dial plan entry on CM. I have several other API calls that work great but having a little trouble with this one. I am making the call with a python request using the following SOAP header.
    Below the header gets a successful response but the uniform dial plan is not added due the error: "2 6c02ff01 68d5 Resulting number is not a valid extension".

    Any Idea what could cause the error?
  • Creating the same uniform dial plan works fine from CM directly:
  • From SMGR CM cutthrough

  • <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" 
                 <Match_Pattern position="1">10971</Match_Pattern>
                 <Len position="1">5</Len>
                 <Del position="1">0</Del>
                 <Net position="1">ext</Net>
                 <Conv position="1">n</Conv>
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:ns1="" 
    <return><result_code>1</result_code><result_data/><message_text>[b]2 6c02ff01 68d5 Resulting number is not a valid extension[/b]
    I have figured this one out. There needs to be some position data in the fields.
    The input should look like this...
  • Model:UniformDialPlan

  • Operation: Change

  • Qualifier:2000002

  • Fields
  • I am attempting to use AES SMS to create a new entry in the "Uniform Dial Plan" CM in collaboratory-134 (SMS_test.php)

    Here is the data I am using:
  • Model:UniformDialPlan

  • Operation: Change

  • Qualifier:2000002

  • Fields: Match_Pattern=2000002|Len=7|Del=0|Net=ext|Conv=y

  • The response almost looks like it succeeded...
    Response {
         var $result_code = 0
         var $result_data = ' '
         var $message_text = ' '

    but when I do a "list uniform" in CM cutthrough, the entry does not show up. Any idea what I am doing wrong here?
    Thank you for your response. I am attempting to make all assignments upon creation. Seems like each item should be set by the cm endpoint template.

    But if not, I can try it with the xml file submitted with the api call to create.
    From SMS test, I am thinking the value is "Button_Data_5[1]=y". I just can't see how to translate this into an xml entry with tags.

    Here is a snippet:
  • Button_Data_1[1]=call-appr|Button_Data_1[2]=call-appr|Button_Data_1[3]=call-appr|Button_Data_1[4]=ec500|Button_Data_1[6]=extnd-call|Button_Data_1[8]=autodial|Button_Data_1[9]=send-calls|Button_Data_4[1]=r|Button_Data_4[2]=r|Button_Data_4[3]=r|Button_Data_5[1]=y|Button_Data_5[2]=y|Button_Data_5[3]=y|Button_Data_6[8]=1|Button_Data_7[4]=n
  • I am using AES and SMS to create users and assign extensions in SMGR. All seems to work fine except that button features don't match the template used.

    What else could assign the value if they don't seem to come from the XML file sent with the API request.

    Button 1:
    (not a favorite)
    Label: xxx-xxx-xxxx
    Feature: call-appr
    (Argument-1) auto-A/D: y
    (Argument-2) ring: r

    I have no button tags in my xml and I need auto-A/D to be 'n' as per the j179 template assigned. What would the xml tag look like to assign 'n' to auto-A/D?

  • This doesn't seem to do it.

  • <ns9:buttons>

    Thank you for your response. Is there any other way to collect that information via any other API or method?
    Anyone know how to get a listing of all the "User Provisioning Rules" in SMGR programmatically via UPM Web Services? Maybe there is a different api or even a direct database query that can do this. I need to get the listing real-time when creating new users via automation.
    I have a similar issue now with the command "list uniform-dialplan" using SMS via AES. IT doesn't seem to be permissions this time as the command works with the user in the sms_test.php site, SAT and smgr cut-through. When I submit the command using an XML file and the SMS api, I get this message....

    <result_code>1</result_code><result_data/><message_text>1 00000000 5bc5 "uniform-dialplan" is an invalid entry; please press HELP

    Any ever use AES SMS station model to actually changes a station. It is not clear to me how to pass the new value for a port. change station xxxx returns a value in the SMS_test.php...

    Response {
    var $result_code = 0
    var $result_data = ''
    var $message_text = ''
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